1 to 1 Sessions

1 to 1 Learn to Ride sessions are designed for children aged 2 ½ Onwards.

If your child can’t attend Learn to Ride course or you feel that they need a little bit more personal attention then why not book them a 1 to 1 session

Course description

We will get your child riding confidently no matter what age or height they are, on balance bikes or bikes with peddles removed.

Our games and activities will improve learning skills such as placing the bike down correctly, walking with the bike, freewheeling, steering and braking.

The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycling and provide a platform to improve bike handling skills.

The course introduces children to a balance bike and develops their basic movement patterns, dynamic balance and gross motor skills through a range of fun activities and games with rewards .

The 1 to 1 sessions aim to provide personalised coaching for your child aged 2 ½ years onwards.

The course will focus on developing the following skills;

  • Getting on/off the bike
  • Fitting a helmet
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Pedalling
  • Braking


If your child has their own Pedal bike and/or helmet which they would like to use then feel free to bring them along if not we can provide a bike and a helmet for the child’s use please indicate on the consent form. Children should be able to sit on the seat of their bike and put both feet off the ground.


All sessions are held outdoors in a traffic free area. This can be at your home or a local park.

How does it work?

  1. All sessions are run by our highly qualified Coaching Team .
  2. Classes are run on a 1 to 1 Session.
  3. Each class lasts 60 minutes with a small break
  4. We supply balance bikes and bikes with peddles if required
  5. We supply helmets and Hi visual gillets if required
  6. We supply parent consent forms. [PDF FORMAT]

The Cost

We recommend you book two consecutive sessions; one single session costs £35.00 per child

How to book

Please Text, private message on Facebook, or email. We will reply by email confirming your child’s booking. A consent form will be emailed to you please complete and email back prior to the first session.

1 to 1 Sessions are 60 minutes duration. Ideally the child’s own bike with a helmet. If not bikes and helmets are available free of charge.

To book or make enquires please call 07875216962 , or eamil brian@rideability.co.uk